Meet the Ensemble

The major goal of the group is to spread the word about the cultured, moderate wine consumption while creating a friendly and joyful atmosphere.

Vivat Bacchus, established in 2001 has travelled around Europe and the whole world contributing to the promotion of good Hungarian wines in order to strengthen its recognition on the international scene. Within their repertoire we can discover way more than just the traditional folk and drinking songs. Thanks to the fact, that most of the songs are composed by the group it allows them to perform jazz, blues, rock and roll and pop wine songs on the stage as well. Apart from famous Hungarian poems centered around wine the ensemble usually writes its own lyrics for each and every song, ensuring a completely new, innovative and special musical experience for the audience.

In 2016 the ensemble celebrated its 15th anniversary in the renowned Kodaly Centre in Pécs with the biggest and most successful concert of their existence also showing to the people that they are going to continue their work with the same passion.

The group created a very special tradition, that every time they travel to a new country for a concert they come home with a new song deriving from the country and having its language, which gives a grate opportunity to have truly colourful and multicultural international repertoire. Their international show consists of English, German, French, Swedish, Ukranien, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and of course Hungarian songs.

As an outcome of this diversity and success the group grabbed the attention of numerous well-known artists from Hungary resulting plenty of joined projects, furthermore thanks to their intense presence in the musical world they published 6 different music albums on CDs in the past few years. It is important to emphasize that almost all albums were financially supported by Hungarian wine-makers and by other wine loving companies and individuals who share the same mission in connection with earning the fame of the high-quality Hungarian wines.

After 15 years, 1800 performances, several awards and a lot of hard work Vivat Bacchus has become a key figure of the Hungarian wine culture.

Balázs Szentgyörgyváry
Gergely Szentgyörgyváry
Károly Szentgyörgyváry
Péter Szentgyörgyváry
Sámuel Kőszegi
Szabolcs Balásy
Szabolcs Bognár

Samuel Koszegi